[Solved] Highlight code within Pre-formatted text

Would it be possible to have a tool to highlight portions of code within Pre-formatted text? It can be useful when you want to comment on a particular part of the code.

The thing is that within a block of code, Bold and Italic don't work. So I was thinking inverted colours can be the way, pretty much similar to highlighting code in the console.


If we are looking at this feature, can we look at code highlighting too? Or does that already exist.

I'm not sure what he difference is between highlighting code and code highlighting (other than the grammar), unless you mean code colouring (or syntax highlighting), but that probably would be too much.

Yes I mean syntax highlighting.

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@Hegabo @lantis1008 Is your question answered satisfactorily?
If yes, could you please mark the solution?

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 My question was separate. But I believe it
 answered, as long as this highlights as a diff. 

So up to @Hegabo

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