[solved]HI need help im new and have no clue

i installed openwrt on my HT-TM02
and i can not connect to it via the 192.168.11 IP
and i tryed flashing with tftp but the thing dose not do any blinking just one solid blue and
advice would be nice
and i wont to mention im very new to this like just made this acc to ask this

Which image did you install? Did you verify the sha256sum?
Did you follow the installation guide?


yes i did and i used the image it gave me in the TUT

What is the TUT?

The installation guide

Which image did you use? There are two different types there. One for upgrading from factory firmware and one from Openwrt.

factory image

my bad i used this image wingspinners image

When you boot up normally (don't press the reset button), the LEDs should blink for a while then stop. The IP address of the router will be (not .11) The network status on your PC should show that it has an IP address in the range of 192.168.1.X where X is some number between 100 and 250.

myn dosent blink at all its solid then shuts off the led

Then after several seconds the LED should come back on blinking fast, then blink slow, then stop. The first time you boot it up you may have to wait 3 minutes or more before it is ready to accept your login.

well i just turend it on and its still off ?

ill wait and see

ist still not connecting with

i figured it out i wasent in dhcp mode thanks for all ur help

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qustion i have set it to be a dumb router? i think thats what its called and i cant get to the luci page any more

There is no dumb router, there is dumb access point.
It depends on what do you want to do. If you only need the Wifi and LAN to be bridged into one broadcast domain, without firewall, then dumb-ap is a good idea.

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