[SOLVED] Help configuring VLAN ID for VDSL2

Hi all,
I've changed from one ISP to another one which require VLAN ID 835 to be set.
My router running OpenWRT 19.07 is a Netgear WNDR3800. VDSL2 modem is a Netgear DM200 configured as bridge.

ADSL work perfectly as:

config interface 'wan'
        option proto 'pppoe'
        option password 'my_pass'
        option ipv6 'auto'
        option username 'my_user'
        option ifname 'eth1'

If i change the last line as recommended on the ISP wiki page, i replace eth1 by eth1.835 . But that do not work. I can't connect to Internet with error like "maximum attempt failed" (can't remember exactly).

If anyone can help me on this.

Check this, make sure your modem is VLAN-transparent.
Then I would test from PC directly without any router involved, assuming your PC NIC is VLAN-capable.

Thanks. The modem work perfectly as bridge and VLAN ID :slight_smile:

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