[Solved] "Hello, worrld!" for OpenWrt WIKI

Don't know who maintains the wiki

But I am trying to figure out about linux, embedded linux , routing and so on... with Openwrt

I came accross the wiki:


Could it be possible to change (i.e. delete) references to buildbot inside this wiki ?

To me its already difficult as it is; adding random buildbot references

its kind of misleading https://buildbot.net/

I know it shouldn't be a issue but for somebody not into it's kind of making it more complicate than what it is




just for clarity. I know its 'pro-bono' ...... just to be more consistent (or less misleading)

Current: /home/buildbot/source
Proposal: /home/openwrt/source

Would this be better for you?

yep sure,

I guess It won't make my attempts to reproduce the wiki work

but at least It'll says that I am working with the right buildsystem for that wiki ! Am I ?

I did just add an "info box" to Chapter 1 there to indicate that "buildbot" wasn't a magic name, and that using the most-current git branch was suggested.

The current git repo can be cloned through

git clone https://git.openwrt.org/openwrt/openwrt.git

Hi thank a lot Jeff (as usual)

have a good one

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