[Solved] Guest Zone Color Significance

TIA. I'm new to LEDE/OpenWRT coming from DD-WRT and I setup a guest network tonight. I was following the wiki and noticed a slight difference. The zone color isn't the same. So I started to look up why and I saw that the color is based on a hash of the zone name as a seed. Strange thing is I've seen a couple of videos as well as the wiki where different names were used but the color is always purple. Am I missing something? My current zone name is guest, all lower case, just like the wiki, but the zone color is a light blue.

The colours are (semi-) random (just like you described), except for wan and lan.

OK. Thanks.

Color will also depend on whether there are upper case letters in the network name or firewall zone name.

  • For example, while wan will produce a red firewall zone color, WAN will not

And don't use uppercase in names. The names are case-sensitive, but by convention they should be lowercase. LUCI shows them in uppercase, which is confusing.

That's kinda what started all this. I started my config using capitals for the zone name (I always use and will use capital letters for the SSID). Current config has interface and zone in all lower case.

You can utilize uppercase letters, it's just not conventional for a case-sensitive OS (which are all except Windows)