[Solved] Guest Wifi and private Wifi from one AP

Hello there,
I am not the greatest network technician but I want to get some help.

I have several TP Link WA801ND APs. I have configured them to act as normal access points enlarging my home wifi. That works great so far.

My new topic is to create a guest wifi as well.

Can I use the APs I already got and that I already configured to create a guest wifi, too?

In fact I already followed some instructions I found on the net. And I now have 1 AP that has the private wifi AND a guest wifi. When I am signing in to the private one I get an IP address and I am connected to my private wifi. When I am signing in to the guest I am getting an IP address but I cannot get access to the internet.

I know that my main router has the function to create a guest wifi as well and that you can configure port 4 of it to send a guest lan over it. But that is not what I want. I just want to create a second wifi network - the guest network on the APs.

Another question I have then would be how to configure DHCP. I can configure a DHCP on one AP. But how would that work together with other APs?

What I've got so far is 2 interfaces: LAN and GUEST. I have 3 positions on the wireless site: the "Generic MAC80211 802.11bgn", the private SSID and the guest SSID.

What am I missing or doing wrong? Can u help me please?

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Follow these tutorials. You should only run DHCP on your main router for your LAN. Run DHCP on the AP's only for the guest network. In the Dumb AP tutorial don't turn on the three services they recommend and this will work. It's the setup I use at my home.

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Nevermind. It works. I don't get it. I was doing it the same way but it did not work. Now it works. Wow. Thank you!

When you locally route guests, each AP has its own independent DHCP server. When a guest moves to a different AP they will get a possibly different IP from the new server. That is not really a problem in practice.

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