[Solved] Fritzbox 7530ax as a router with WAN port: does it work?

Hello ! I am currently using OpenWRT with Fritzbox 4020 behind Fritzbox 7530-ac as a modem router with original firmware. (double NAT)
It looks like we are getting fiber optic in near future, but this FB7530 is new: just bought in April (I didn't know that fiber is coming to us), so I want to get just a fiber modem, instead of fiber modem-router. But chaining three things: modem, FB7530, and FB4020, is a bit dumb, and FB4020 is a bit old (bought in 2018) and in fact a bit weak, that I have to be careful with CPU load. So I am thinking of flashing OpenWRT to Fritzbox 7530 and retiring FB4020. But I want to use it behind the fiber-modem, and not with it's own DSL connection. Does it work that way? How is it like ? Does anyone have experience/success ? I would appreciate your input !

Some Forum members succeeded. It doesn't seem to be a walk in the park.

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You can configure (e.g.) LAN1 as WAN, but don't expect more than ~300 MBit/s wouting performance (without SQM) from ipq4019, which might be at odds with your contractual WAN speeds with ftth.

Thank you for your replies ! It sounds a bit complicated... besides, mine is 7530AC, the newer model, I'm not even sure if flashing would work in the same way as old 7530... does anyone know ?
As for my fiber connection, I plan to order 100Mbs, so WAN speed 300Mbs is OK.
Till the next October, a relatively large patch of Bavaria is going to get fiber, perhaps there may be some more people who succeed in flashing 7530AC with OpenWRT....

If the label on the bottom of the device says "7530 AC", that is just the default name of the wireless network when using the original firmware (model name plus two random letters).

However, if your device is actually a Fritzbox 7530 AX then you are out of luck, as there is no OpenWrt support for that one.

You are right, I got confused between ac and ax. Mine is the newest one, AX !! OK, I'm going to live with the chain of three things then..... or perhaps just Modem+FB4020.

Is there any perspective for support of FB7530 AX for OpenWRT?

If your main question is answered (and I think it is), consider marking the solved and open another topic with your last question.

That's a guranteed "no, hell no" (imagine this in all caps, and blinking).

Wow, that sounds rather strong ! Is there any particular reason why it has to be "hell no!" ?

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