[solved] Forum timeouts today have hidden some topics?

There have been timeouts, gateway errors etc. today evening on the forum.
I think that they may have hidden some topic threads, or at least the indexing for e.g. "latest" view seems to ignore some threads.

E.g. this thread is currently not visible either in "latest" view or in the "installing..." category view, but is currently visible among the newest three of "installing..." category in the categories overview page:

Not sure if that is the only thread gone missing, as I only noticed its absence as I had written into the thread myself.

Possibly the thread's visibility normalises once the server connectivity troubles are over, but the issues might still require some admin attention.

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Yes, we've had some resource issues here and @jow and I are actively monitoring and trying to resolve them. Either today or over the weekend I will be making some updates and nginx config changes to the system which may alleviate this problem - we'll see...

In the meantime, I do see your topic in the "Latest" index so I can only conclude that the forum software got "caught up". There are a lot of moving parts in Discourse.

Do you really see that "Installing certificates for opkg" thread in the latest view, or in the category view?
Maybe I am blind, but I still can't see it.

Scroll down to the stuff that is 2d old (today). There it is right between:

Incorrect switch in ramips

Installing certificates for opkg

Optimized build for the D-Link DIR-860L

Not for me...

hmm.... :
Opening another browser, I can see it ... I see it also if I open a private browsing window in my regular window.

Well, looking really closely at the thread, it seems to have gone to "muted" status for me. That removed it completely from the list views for me. Toggling thread status back to normal returned it to the views.

Likely my bad, but I have no recollection that I would have toggled the attribute. Still interesting that the "muted" setting hides the thread really well.

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