[Solved] Forum posters purposefully trolling?


has anybody experienced being trolled on these forums?


If you are having an issue, report it to an admin.

Hi, dont want to bother an admin with something like this unless others chime in and say they have also experienced such issues.


Since you just joined 10 days ago and have 13 posts in one thread, I don't see any evidence that you have been trolled.

Well if I could give you access to my PM, then you could tell me if I am reading more into something than I should!

I personally have PM turned off.

That way, any communication is done publicly in the forum.

Admins can still contact me by PM.

Yes, sounds like a good idea (re PM).

Also, as you posted in the thread I was posting in you will have seen that a certain user has retracted the information they had posted!

Anyhow, will wait to see if anybody else comments on this thread.

Many thanks

I think that particular user was trying to help you and probably got frustrated because you are asking for step by step instructions for everything that has been suggested to you.

I personally stopped posting back suggestions in that thread because I noticed sort of an "attitude" from you, especially the comment about not having "copius amounts of time", and how no "experts" are willing to help you.

People who help here are all volunteers who have lives and other committments.

As such, people who are asking for help are expected to spend some time reading user guides, searching other sites on how commands work, and generally doing something to increase their skills.

It seems you either can't, or don't want to take those steps.

Open source firmware such as OpenWrt/LEDE is not geared toward beginners, and its complexity does not lend itself to hand-holding from start to finish in a forum thread.

It does require configuration, more so than stock firmware out of the box.

It's not for everyone.



I totally understand where you are coming from and have no qualms with that.

Though the 'attitude' comes from pressures of real life where some of us dont have the amount of time available to us that allows us to learn how to use the specifics of open source router software from scratch!

Hence 'we' turn to others (volunteers) who have this knowledge, is that not what public support forums are all about (this is my understanding and also community, friendships etc etc)?

FYI the poster could well have been offended, but that was because in PM he kept explaining to me how to recover to the default Netgear firmware even thought I explained to him each time after he posted (a total of three times) that I had no issues recovering to the Netgear firmware, but he kept coming back with the same thing, as if he could not understand.

Then I said to told him, in all honesty, that I was considering if he was an AI bot.

Think thats what offended him, it was not my intention.....

So I came here to start a new thread asking if others have been trolled, obviously if others havnt then I unintentially offended someone.


** edit **
Just wanted to add, its not 'safe' to assume anything, no one can know how many hours somebody has spent on something, I probably have invested over six hours reading into this issue and from experience the rabbit hole is very deep!

** edit2 **
Ofcourse totally understand the concept of lede/openwrt/ddwrt etc etc, I am no stranger to using and flashing configuring multiple devices in the past with these firmwares but that is as far as my knowledge goes.
In this case, what is occuring, is not the 'norm'

Maybe there was a misunderstanding...but I would not consider the PM exchange as you described, "trolling".

We are all busy and have pressures of real life. It's how you decide to react to that. Snarky comments aren't your best friend.

Public support forums are about exchanging information and community. However, you are expected to help yourself as well.

Honestly, "over 6 hours of reading" is not a lot of time.

If you don't have the time to put in to it, you're best option may be to return to stock firmware and live happily ever after.

You can always purchase a "LEDE-friendly" router and bridge it to your DM200 at some point.

Have a good day.

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The relevance of time is down to how much is avaiable to us and that applies to each and everyone one of us!

6 hours may not be much for you, but for me, its way more than I can afford.

** edit **
Yes, thats looks like what I am going to do. I purchased the DM200 as it was 'supported' through the snapshots, yes its a risk I took and it failed!

** edit2 **
Stock firmware is terrible :wink:

Then I think your path going forward is clear.

Or somehow a snapshot will appear that stops bricking the router :slight_smile:

Could be the snapshot (they are not considered a "stable" release), or something with your particular router.

Would take time to sort that out.

Anyhow, have to fly, thanks for your input, it is appreciated!

I'll mark this as Solved, since the trolling is a non-issue.