[Solved] Forum.openwrt.org down, 502 bad gateway

Hi, I hope it is not gone for good.

It's likely due to the merging process of the openwrt and lede sites, however @jow or another maintainer would have to confirm.

I have nothing to do with forum.openwrt and in fact I do not even know who exactly operates it. Maybe it is Imre. In any case it has nothing to do with the merge and no one communicated any planned downtime of the OpenWrt forum.

I didn't realize that and thought you were the admin that commented about a similar issue some days back on another thread... must have been a different admin.

The OpenWrt forum has seen frequent downtimes, and unfortunately there hasn't been much communication about any of them for the past year(s). There's little use in reporting it here, it doesn't seem to get through the people managing the OpenWrt forum.

forum.openwrt.org is working again.

Down again anyone know when it might be up again?

We do updates and maintenance on Sunday evenings (EDT). Current update was to get some fixes to avoid some of the previous outages (hopefully).

Clearly the forum is up now so you could log your concerns :wink:

Oh, I thought you were asking about the LEDE forum - should of read the entire topic first