[SOLVED] Flow offloading in tp-link archer c7 v5 (limitation 300 Mbps on Gbps ethernet port)

hello every one,
i have a tp-link archer c7 v5 and there is not the packages kmod-ipt-offload kmod-nf-flow and kmod-nft-offload be cause i want to do flow offloading (i have only 300 Mbps max on my gigabit ethernet ports....)

Is there a way to have these packages, archer c7 can do NAT flow offloading ?

i have this firmware : openwrt-18.06.1-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v5-squashfs-factory.bin

kernel 4.9.120

tech data : https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_archer_c7_v5
architecture : Qualcomm Atheros QCA956X ver 1 rev 0

Thanks for your help

flowoffload is available in 4.14 based images.

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how to have 4.14 ?

Flow offloading is available since kernel 4.14, but OpenWrt 18.06.1 for the Archer C7 is still using kernel version 4.9 which means you have to use snapshots to get that feature.

You also can try a community build for the Archer C7:
You should probably reach more than 900 Mbits/sec with this patches, but be aware that it isn't an official build.

Wow the second one is very good i like it very much, compile with kernel 1.14 !!! very good thanks for your help

i have average 900Mbps on my ethernet port, so its work very well


is possible to install flow offloading feature on OpenWRT 18.06.1 stable? I have Archer C7 v5 router and i get 300mbps with ehternet cable.


No, in 18.06.x the ar71xx architecture (to which your Archer C7 v5 belongs) is still on kernel 4.9, while kernel ≥4.14 is required for flow-offloading.

The current master snapshots for both ar71xx and ath79 (the successor of ar71xx) however have been updated to kernel 4.14 and now do offer flow-offloading support. While this will obviously become available for the next stable release (probably 19.01.0), it will not be backported to ar71xx in the 18.06.x branch.

perfect thank you, i will install the latest snapshot and wait to stable.

Is already included the package in snapshot build?

Hello, i installed snapshot of yestarday on my Archer C7 v5. I enabled this two option:

With Speedtest, now on lan the performance are around 600mbps. I have a internet gigabit at home but i can't reach up to 900mbps on lan like provider router(was a Vodafone Station Revolution).

I need to setup other things?

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C7 v5 using QCA soc, don't enable mt7621 hardware NAT.

Thanks. I disabled it but i don't see any difference on lan always around 600mbps.


Does you using SQM qos ?

No i don't use it

Nobody else can help me?

slow speeds may just be a consequence of the 18.x releases , at least for Archer c7 v2 seems to be higher processor usage and terrible wifi speeds, overall slower in my usage then previous 17 branch releases . Depending on your needs stick with stock firmware Archer c7 v5

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