[Solved] Flash FritzBox 7320


I'm not sure how the flashing procedure should work on FritzBox 7320:

So I need both FTP and serial connection? And so I need both a LAN connection and a USB connection?


I claim no experience with this particular device, but according to the Wiki page you referenced, it should be possible to flash via the Web GUI.

If that didn't work, then you can do what they can blind FTP flashing, using only LAN cable - - that's also according to the same page.

Edit: the serial connection seems to be useful to backup orginal firmware and calibration data in case things go wrong with the flashing. You can do further reading if you can do that with FTP alone. Though, if you do the flashing via the Web GUI that's usually safer and less need to worry about backing up your original data.

Yes but unfortunately this isn't working. At least with the latest firmware installed.

EDIT: Using Fritzflash I wasn't successful too :frowning:

Oh yes finally it worked :slight_smile:

I've tried it with switch, but that hasn't helped first. But after a reboot it finally worked using fritzflash in the auto mode (no options).

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