SOLVED:Filing bug report, how?

I have never done this before, but can someone please say how to file a bug report?
thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot. Done!

It had already been reported though...

thanks. apologies.

I wonder how and when bugs are fixed, also how to know they have been fixed.

Follow the existing Open issue on GitHub...

All of the other duplicate reports have been closed, and merged under this one.

can someone please educate me on how things are done concerning bugs with the firmware. to be precise; how are bugs handled, by who and is there a way to know the status of a bug, so to speak; whether developers know about it and are working on it. thanks a lot.

status can be seen in the actual bug report.

scroll (usually) all the way down to the bottom.

thanks a lot @frollic while i have your attention, I was just reading the 21.2.02 release notes, but can't determine whether the issue discovered (of lan ports 3 and 4 not working on some avm boxes) was addressed in that release; would you happen to know?

the main bug report is still open, as I can see, so I'd say no.

thanks a lot. I just saw the discussion, fresh, as in an hour ago.

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