[solved] Feature req: IPV6 support for "config domain"

in /etc/config/dhcp the "domain" keyword apparently only supports IPV4, according to the docs

I have a couple of questions:

Use case: assigning a name to Android devices, which do not use DHCPv6 and can only be reached over IPV4 by name. Manually editing /etc/hosts is an acceptable temporary solution only when dealing with a fixed prefix, such as from he.net

That notice is obsolete for OpenWrt 18.06, fixed it.

uci set dhcp.test="domain"
uci set dhcp.test.name="test"
uci set dhcp.test.ip=""
uci set dhcp.test6="domain"
uci set dhcp.test6.name="test"
uci set dhcp.test6.ip="fdce::1"
service dnsmasq restart
nslookup test ::1
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And it's gone :slight_smile:
It was a good idea to ask before filing a report, definitely.

Quick question: why do you need to name the config section? (test vs test6)
I'm asking because I don't see the name in LUCI and I'm wondering if LUCI-created entries will work, too.

No need, but it is convenient in the CLI environment.

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Ok, I tried replicating it for the router address and it didn't like the name, at all... the whole "hostnames" section in the GUI was gone. Never mind, found the reason: the hostname contains dashes and those are not welcome in the label.

All clear, now marking solution and fixing title.

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