SOLVED: Failed to download the package list Archer C7 v2 with LEDE 17.01.0


I succesfully installed LEDE Reboot final release

but i am not able to update package list or install any packages, i search the forum and google only a few pointers but i am confused if this should be fixed in the final release which i am using and how to troubleshoot this. Any pointer welcome.

Errors i get are the following when using luci update list.

Failed to establish connection
Failed to establish connection
Failed to establish connection
Failed to establish connection
Failed to establish connection
Failed to establish connection
Collected errors:


Can not put more as new users in the forum seem to can only put two links in a message :frowning:

LEDE Reboot 17.01.0 r3205-59508e3 / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.051.53299-a100738)

I guess you can reach the internet from that device, can't you? Did you try to just execute "wget" and see what happens?

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Just follow the advice that the error message gives you...

This is not a opkg failure, but you simply have no proper network connectivity.
Your basic network settings are somehow wrong and you do not reach the internet.


Thanks for the update, but the lan is configured and the wifi as well and i am using my laptop now and connected to the internet ?

root@LEDE:~# wget
Downloading ''
Connecting to
Writing to 'Packages.gz'
Packages.gz 100% |*******************************| 62676 0:00:00 ETA
Download completed (62676 bytes)

As that works now, just try "opkg update" again.

root@LEDE:~# opkg update
Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/reboot_core

Ok this is weird, did luci not updated something and the wget on commandline triggered something?

Anyway thank you all for the extremely fast response, now i can experiment further

How can i mark this as solved?


Not really. Luci actually runs just that exactly same command "opkg update" and does nothing else. (and opkg uses wget to fetch the data. no hidden magic)

My guess is that you just had a break in connectivity just at the moment, or the routing was changing in some way, or your ISP's DNS server failed to resolve the address in timely fashion, or anything like that. Something transient in any case.

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ok anyway i am happy its solved now and thanks again.

hey people! where is the solution for that kind of question? I have exactly same problem, but after ArmandH said »the lan is configured and the wifi as well« and posted wget output after that, i'd painfully missed the solution how he get's his fucking machine on the road =) How did you start it using the internet?
Only a how-to-use-the-internet-reference like »As that works now, just try “opkg update” again.« aren't helpful :cry:
Want my Archer C7 run openWRT for big german decentralised network of the people called "Freifunk" and havent't any ideas – as I said – with same problem. »Failed to establish connection« I figured out, that this must be an connection error to the internet..

if someone needs any other informations than those uploaded here please ask me!

thanks for everyones help (if … any …) =)

There was no specific help....

Like his error message said, his basic internet connectivity was somehow broken.

The default setting work for most users. So usually the problem is due to used having already changed some network settings. Or alternatively, the device is behind a second router, or something similar extra in network.

Without info about your network envinroment, nobody can give you any specific advice.

First, back off the F-bombs...this is not a bar.

Second, try resetting OpenWrt/LEDE to factory defaults and re-configure from scratch. Very likely a config issue.

If that doesn't work, try @eduperez's suggestion...

If you are using the current 17.01.4 release, replace 17.01.0 in the wget command string.

For me, all drama was gone when I disabled IPv6 on my device.

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