[SOLVED] Factory reset WITHOUT LAN


There is no problem to reset to factory defaults with LAN cable.

But is there any , just any (not JTAG/serial though) option to reset OpenWRT to factory default without LAN cable?
I got stuck in the situation where I need it, but I have zero chances to get twisted pair in a reasonable amount of time. Remote, VERY, VERY VERY remote location (kind of end of the world) and router with WiFi disabled in config.
This router need to be configured to share (slow) internet from USB modem via WiFi.

Device in the question is Netgear WNDR3800


Which specific device?

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You can naturally reset the device also using a wireless connection, but then you lose all config items that are not in the flashed firmware image. In practice you usually lose also wireles config and connectivity. Also possible wan firewall settings etc.

If you still have access to the device, you could also tailor the needs settings at your buildhost and embedd the needs settings as custom files into the compiled firmware image.

But why do you actually need factory reset?

Most default settings can be found from /rom/etc/config directory. But network and system config files are not there.

Unless it's a custom build that includes them, a factory reset will remove the drivers for the USB radio, and you will lose that connection.

Netgear WNDR3800

Device has WiFi already disabled in the config.
So, I can not connect to router to enable WiFi. (I can't connect via cable as there is no cable, and I can't connect via WiFi as WiFi is disabled)

And my only hope was to reset to factory defaults.
Once I have at least some connection to the device, then I can do everything I need, one way or another.

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Once I can connect to router at least in some way, then I can deal with drivers for USB radio.
But at the moment this device is no better than brick to me, as I can't connect to it :slight_smile:

In factory defaults, wi-fi is disabled, and there are no USB networking drivers, so you would always need either Ethernet or serial to log into the router.

Ouch! I really forgot about that. Then it is really really sad.

Then my next best chance is to re-use Arduino I should have around to connect to serial.

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Solved, arduino and couple of resistors worked as USB UART :slight_smile:


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So you packed everything but the ethernet cable

Kind of!
Ethernet cable was last thing I thought I will need here. Had it in my hands while packing, but ruled out. You never know! :)))

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