[Solved]Extend Wifi using the same radio on TL-WR902ACv3[Solved]


I am trying to extend a Wifi network (Client) by creating an Access Point.

Can I run both on the same Radio? I only have one 2.4 ghz radio (TL-WR902ACv3) and both networks are 2.4 ghz types.

When I try running them both I always get "not associated" message on one of them.
Alternatively could I just plug a WLAN adapter into the USB port of the device?
Should I look for any specific chipsets in this case?


iw list is giving me this for the 2.4 ghz radio:

 valid interface combinations:
                 * #{ IBSS } <= 1, #{ managed, AP, mesh point } <= 4,
                   total <= 4, #channels <= 1, STA/AP BI must match

Does it mean I could connect to 4 SSID´s with the one radio available?

You can, however there are some limitations. Ideally you should use WDS. If it is not possible you can try the relay.
If you don't mind them being bridged, the travelmate can be an alternative.

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Thanks, that Travelmate looks interesting.

I managed to get it to work using relayd, works a charm right now

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