[Solved] Ext4 on USB; mount works, UCI-based block mount fails

Known-good SanDisk 16 GB "Extreme USB 3.0" physical device erased, partitioned (both MBR and GPT tried), labeled 'openwrt-overlay', and ext4 file system installed.

Device can be manually mounted, read, and written on 17.01 "stable" build.

block detect > /etc/config/fstab 

followed by block unmount && block mount does not mount the filesystem (mount point exists).

Since it doesn't appear to be MBR vs. GPT, and I haven't altered the output of block detect, what else can I check to resolve this?

Rookie miss:


needs to be 1

For the record:

  • GPT works
  • option label 'openwrt-overlay' works