[SOLVED] Expected default bridge on linksys wrt1200ac

I am taking today to update my Linksys WRT1200AC to 21.02.3 (was previously running 19.07.10).
Since that model changed to DSA I installed with default configuration, but I cannot currently route to WAN.
When I look in the br-lan configuration it has all four switch ports, but not the processor eth0. With 19.x.x the eth0 was part of vlan 1 with all the switch ports.
Should eth0 be part of br-lan?
I have an external managed switch with two vlans, I need lan1 to be tagged and route vlan1 to WAN, and only provide dhcp to vlan 4.

I don't see an IP address assigned to the WAN port, so I think I likely have two levels of problems, but I at least want to get the vlan configuration setup so my wired devices can get to the router. I think that makes my question about eth0 and the br-lan interface first priority, then I can try to figure out the WAN issues.

(Edit) resetting the modem got the WAN running, and wireless is now routing to WAN, as well as direct wired connection to one of the router switch ports. So I think just understanding whether eth0 should be part of br-lan and then getting DSA vlan configuration setup should be all that is needed now.

With DSA, forget that eth0 exists. It's not usable directly. Attach bridges or networks to the hardware ports using their DSA names: wan, lan1, lan2 etc.

For maximum flexibility with VLANs, start by putting all the hardware ports into one bridge. Then define a bridge-vlan for every network that will pass through it. Start conventionally with 1 being the LAN ports and 2 the WAN port. The lan network's device will be br-lan.1 and the wan is br-lan.2 You can then add more VLANs and change ports to tagged as needed.

It ends up organized a lot like swconfig, but it's not. Note that "eth0" never should appear in the config file (unless you have something like an Edgerouter-X, where one of the DSA names is "eth0" instead of "lanX".)

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Thanks, I believe I have it correct now. I found the YouTube videos from OneMarcFifty pretty helpful, the step I was missing was to change the LAN bridge device from br-lan to br-lan.1 after I enabled vlan routing on the bridge device.
The other thing which stumped me for a while was that after I had changed the LAN device from br-lan to br-lan.1, the WiFi interfaces stopped working. I disabled and enabled the radios and that got the WiFi routing again.

Now off to get the SQM packages installed and setup again, and I think I am fully up to date, ready for the next stable release and not stuck on an EOL version any more.

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