Trying to add an Intel 7260 Wi-Fi (PCIe) card to my ESPRESSObin v5 board. It's in place, and seen by OpenWrt, but I'm likely not adding all the needed packages / selections to my custom build, to get the card (and Wireless) to come up. I have added,


The build goes fine, and I do see the 7260 firmware in /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7260-17.ucode (on the router), but Wireless is still not shown in LuCI (and no /etc/config/wireless file). I'm just likely missing some more packages. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


If you're trying to use an Intel wifi card, be aware that it won't function as an access point.

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Well crap :rofl:. OK, the same question still applies I guess, but also - any recommendations on mini-PCIe Wi-Fi adapters (that do support AP mode)?


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Thanks - and appreciate it! I did search, but I admit ... I missed that Intel did not support AP functionality :frowning_face:. That's why I already bought the 7260 - it's on me, but asked as a result.

Let me hunt around, see if I can find the package list (to enable Wi-Fi) :rofl:

Thanks again.

There's actually some movement in that direction AX200 - Wifi6 Hotspot on Windows 11. Is it possible to have this in OpenWrt?

More theoretical, than practical - and iwl7260 is yet another topic than ax200/ ax210.

I should have stuck to a categorical "no", instead of explaining custom hackery.

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True, but the ax200 is cheap, and I'd be a great addition, if AP mod could be enabled, but I realize it's going to take time, of they ever get it to work.

For this kind of SBCs mt7615-DBDC (802.11ac) or mt7915-DBDC (802.11ax) probably make more sense; iirc, QCA also has ath11k supported DBDC cards in their portfolio.

And with reduced expectations (fewer interface combinations) and without DBDC, mt7921 may be another option, respectively mt7922.

Yes, these might cost twice (or 2.5 times) as much as ax200/ ax210, but it works - now, and cards/ drivers are made with AP usage in mind, plus DBDC splits one 4x4 card into two virtual 2x2 radios.

I totally agree, the only reason I brought up the ax200, was because OP mentioned Intel...

If you are happy with 802.11ac (not ax), then please consider this card instead: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32817460933.html. This message was sent through the same card installed in my desktop PC. Other wireless cards by the same seller are also likely to be good have caveats in reviews, but I haven't tested them.

Thanks for all the good comments - really appreciate it!!

May order this one :smile:. Tried a USB adapter I happened to have around (based on the 8812au) - but OpenWrt hangs (even console access) when I try to run iwinfo.


Well, if a USB adapter is an option, then please go for Alfa Networks AWUS036ACM (only ACM, not other letters). It has good antennas and, thus, better range.

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Excellent, thanks for the pointer! Not sure I need long range - wondering about a lower range / cost option. But I'll do some searching.

Appreciate it!

FYI, to help others trying similar things :smile: => the needed package to get AP functionality working: hostapd. Then things "mostly" come up ... LOL.

Mostly because - it seems the 8812au driver has issues ... try to enable, and OpenWrt fully hangs, even no console output. The only recovery is power cycling. My son had an old ASUS USB-N53 around ... tried that, with kmod-rt2800-usb added => all good, it does work! So the 8812au driver seems to be the hanging issue.

Thanks again!

Using usb tp link one best working

Great, thanks! Do you happen to have a (TP-Link) model number?

This statement by Intel actually doesn't give the full picture. You can use certain Intel cards as an access point in Linux, but only on the 2.4GHz band. The documentation of the iwlwifi kernel driver explicitely mentions that [1].

Now, it may very well be true that Intel changed their policy for the latest generation of wireless modules and while I don't have an extensive list of cards that are supposed to work at least in the 2.4 GHz band, the Intel 7260 wireless adapter mentioned by @arrmo should work, see [2]. There's one more significant limitation, however, and that is that the card is limited to one SSID. So, you won't be able to broadcast multiple SSID (main and guest network, for example).

I would guess that the reason for the card not working is that the driver is missing. @arrmo mentions the packages


but that doesn't actually include the wireless driver. The required package for the iwlwifi driver would be kmod-iwlwifi.

[1] https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/iwlwifi
[2] https://vincent.bernat.ch/en/blog/2014-intel-7260-access-point

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this is the model

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