[SOLVED] - Error: Network device is not present - BT HomeHub 5a


So if you are going to use the HH5A, what are your plans for the Smart Hub?

I was trying to find out if it can support OpenWrt. Currently there is no support, but the is a possibility that Type B might be suitable for support. This can be found out only if the case is opened and the heat sinks are removed to have a look at the internal components and chipsets.

Such process could possibly well render the device useless, so if you are interested, be prepared for that.

It's only Type B that possibility have potential. Type A has no chance.

There was this post where I was wondering about the components of Smart Hub Type B. BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Type B
Unfortunately I am not in the UK and is not feasible to get one where I am.

The Smart Hub is a lot more capable than Home Hub 5, so it would be awesome if it can be supported. If interested, you may respond to the other topic.