[SOLVED] Encrypting wired LAN traffic

Hello. I have my main router and two more router with wired connection connected to it that give out wifi. The wifi on the main router is disabled. Is it possible to encrypt the traffic that goes from the main router to the additional ones?

Btw all of them have OpenWRT installed

The only reason I need such encryption is because I have TPLINK thingies that transfer the lan wired connection over electricity in my house.

I think you should stop being paranoid.




If you believe these devices to be compromised, you should throw them away.

Yes, you could setup a VPN between your main router and the downstream ones. THis is extremly paranoid and will require advanced renumbering of your networks. You will likely loose bandwidth due to the CPU's having to encrypt/decrypt. You will also loose overall network throughput aside from the CPU, especially if the wireline adapters will not increase frame sizes.


How good is 5.4GHz in your neighborhood?

You could trunk your Internet on 5.4 and setup a WWAN on those routers.

I assume you are using HomePlug device.

Homeplug devices have built-in security.

If you follow the instructions that came with the device on how to connect two or more together, usually by holding down the connect or security button on the first one and repeat quickly on the rest. They will establish a secure connection between that group of homeplugs.

Check your device manual. And read up on homeplug

Even the product page explains the security feature just make sure you pair your devices before you start using them.


And there is a utility to add devices manually and set the a unique name for security.

Thank you for your help guys. I installed Openvpn on my APs so now traffic leaving them is encrypted. One more option would be to make MAC ADDRESS based VLAN so that management control could only be accessed through offline devices.

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