[Solved] Edit Firmware BIN with 7zip

Before i want to upload a new Firmware BIN i need to edit the Firewall Config inside the Binary and change a certain rule.
The Problem is that the Firmware BIN is marked as read only if i try to change the Firewall Config File inside of it.
Can somebody help me out here?

In order for you to edit the file, it must be in ASCII (text). A human cannot edit a binary file (at least not in the manner you describe).

If it were a matter of simply changing a single number, etc. it might be possible to do so without corrupting the file.

The best suggestion is to build the LEDE pre-configuration you desire, and make a custom firmware file. What you want to do can severely brick your device.

OK i understand.
Which tool can i use to edit the file in ASCII?
I tried to open with Notepad++ but i don't know how to enable ASCII Mode/View..

Use WinSCP to upload/replace customized Settings on a running system. 7zip can maybe unpack/decompress varios images but you can´t unpack | edit | compress again and flash as a new image....

Personal Customizing by building your own image is not so hard.... needs just time to read some manuals / posts

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I'm not certain you do:

  • ASCII is a different format from binary. A binary file is not ASCII, therefore, you cannot edit the file in the manner you're inquiring about.

As @fRUTTiFrESH and I already noted, you have to recreate the WHOLE firmware file, with the edit you specifed - already pre-configured.

Pre-configuration is done via custom files:


Thanks, this is the solution. I suceeded building this customized Image! :wink:

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