[Solved] Ea8300 install

I've got the suggested snapshot installed on one partition.
I've got ip4 working so I was able to update and install luci but I get this error.

# 400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large nginx/1.16.1

I've got ssh access to the device also.

I was wondering if there is a fix for the error or if there is anything I can do to help with supporting this device.

I'll keep searching on the error and see what I come up with.

@Zod, welcome to the community!

Try installing LuCI instead.

opkg update
opkg install luci

It seems you mistakenly installed nginx or luci-nginx.

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Ok, That's what I'll do.

I was following instructions on the device page.

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OK, also see:

This should work, though. Ask @Ansuel.

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I'll read the links you posted, remove luci-ssl-nginx
and install straight LuCI.

Thx for the tips.

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(Once you get things running without TLS, I regularly use CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-ssl-nginx=y on my builds off master, including those used for my EA8300s.)


Gotchya, thanks.

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