[SOLVED] Dumb Access Point Change WAN port to use as LAN port

I have change my setup to a RP4 (running stable version) and have a dumb access point (running stable version) attached to it. Everything is working great but I would like to use the WAN port of the dumb AP as a lan port. I looked around for instructions but there doesn't seems to be any easy to follow instructions. I am scared of screwing things up because it took me two days to get everything working to where I am now.

Any advice how to properly make this WAN to LAN port change? The secondary router is an Archer C7.

It is very easy in swconfig - just change switch VLAN for WAN port in LAN vlan to look like all other lan ports in network/switch settings.

Thank you.
Swconfig is via the CLi, right? Do you happen to know if there are instructions on how to do it in LUCI? Like i said, i really dont want yo screw up after days of work lol

I said in luci -
Go to network/Switch
Change WAN port column to be same as 4 others
All done

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Got thank you.

I always config this way:

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