[Solved] Disabled WAN but still wants NTP server connection

I use a NanoPi R2S with two ethernet ports but use them both as LAN (I have deleted WAN from network config file).
Is it possible to get access to NTP servers to get time and date with some sort of exception rule?

Thanks in advance

is there any kind of internet access in your LAN ?

No. I can only ping other IP on the same network, e.g my main router.

but it got internet access ?

in that case, don't you simply need to add a DNS and default GW to your (I assume) static IP ?

or configure the Pi as DHCP client, instead of static IP.

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Do you mean to say that your NanoPi cannot reach the internet, or that your entire network is actually not connected to the internet?

If the former, you need to make sure that you have a gateway and DNS set in your NanoPi's lan configuration (the gateway will be the lan address of your main router, dns is often the same but could be something else such as a local dns server or a public dns server).

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Yes sorry the main router has internet acces and now I changed IPv4 gateway to main router IP (It was blank before) and it works! Thank you! :slight_smile: (this must be tha fastest support page ever, I really appreciate your help)

Glad we could help.

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