[SOLVED] Disable http access to LuCi

Hi there.

I want my openwrt router to be hardened so that only connections via ssh tunnel with public key are possible. This connection works fine but now I noticed that the http connection directly to the router's IP is still possible. How do I switch that off?


  • Disable the web service (uhttpd); or
  • Make uhttpd only listen only on loopback
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uninstall luci ?

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The statement

implies to me that access to the web interface is still desired (via SSH tunneling).

The solution for this would be binding uhttpd to localhost only, as suggsted by @lleachii .

uci set uhttpd.main.listen_http=''
uci set uhttpd.main.listen_https=''
uci commit uhttpd
service uhttpd restart

Hi @lleachii & @jow,

after your first remarks I already had a look at my uhttpd configuration and I have seen the properties you are referring to. I performed the changes and now the access is blocked directly using the url. Thanks a lot!

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Glad you got it fixed. If your issue is resolved, see: How to mark a topic as [Solved]


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