[Solved] Disable forum notifications

How can I stop receiving email notifications.

Openwrt doesn't send any, if you're receiving them, you've set them up.

Or you're not using any official release.

Are you perhaps referring to the forum?

Yes, I’m referring to the forum. I got good help from several members but some how I am getting lots of email that are of no relevance to my original post. Can’t se a way to stop this. Thank you.

Should be here https://forum.openwrt.org/u/RickO88/preferences/notifications

You got 5 emails regarding replies to the topic you have created (intended and useful behaviour of the forum).

You got furthermore one email per new topic created in #general (approx. 70) since you have activated this option in your userprofile:


I have now removed "Installing and Using OpenWrt" from this option in your profile.
Please report back in case you are still getting too many emails.

If the emails stop and your problem is solved, please consider marking this topic as [Solved]. See How to mark a topic as [Solved] for a short how-to.


All good. Many thanks.

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