[Solved] DHCP information missing


Model TP-Link Archer A7 v5
Architecture Qualcomm Atheros QCA956X ver 1 rev 0
Firmware Version OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r9276-bdedb79 / LuCI Master (git-19.035.52233-21b29f3)

Just installed and so far the only thing I've done is install the LuCi gui, and enable wifi. I have both lan and wifi DHCP clients but I noticed only the Wifi clients IP addresses are showing up under Active DHCP leases. The lan clients are not listed there although they do have IP addresses from the DHCP server.

Is this a bug or configuration issue? I'm happy to share any configs needed but I have not changed anything other than what I mentioned above.


  • Did you reboot the router at any point?
  • Does your OS(es) send a hostname request in DHCP?

Reboot==yes. Hostname request==I think so but I'm uncertain.

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dont know
do while

(I think we're chatting C++ psuedocode, :smile:)

Can you run Wireshark or tcpdump to see if your PC/laptop is sending a name request?

Perhaps LAN-clients didn't reconnect on router reboot?

I want to change the subnet so I'll do that and watch to see what get's an ip address. I do see some wireless clients with ? instead of a name. That implies that they did not need a name.

I can check wireshark/tcpdump in the morning if unresolved.

Most likely they didn't send it in the DHCP-request.

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Wired devices do not usually care if the router reboots, sometimes they aren't even able to detect it, and will not send a new DHCP request. And the router does not keep DHCP records between reboots.

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If your interested is to be able to track which devices are connected and which aren't, you could assign static lease. This way the devices will always get the same IP, and you can at anytime ping them to see who is connected and who isn't.

yep - as their original leases expire, I am now seeing wired devices populate.



So, everything seems to be working as expected. If you reboot your router frequently, you might want to reduce the expiration time for the leases.

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