[Solved] Debrick Xiaomi M4a gigabit Global

I have tried with debricking tools but wasn't successful

when i try with 3.0.24 and when i put router to recovery by pluging in power and holding reset button.
it get some orange blinking and than purple blinking, which keeps on blinking.
till time i have not got any success in this.

I think i was on 3.10..... when i recieved my device in India.

Please anybody can guide/help.
Thanks in adv.

this too Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition (R4AG/R4A Gigabit) -- fully supported and flashable with OpenWRTInvasion - #678 by Zorro ?


i have tried it
i have tried it,
i am stucked at TFTPd:DoReadFile:test.bin B:0 T:0
after this my blinking yellow light stops and keeps constantly lighted.

can you please specify what happens when purple blinks and what happen when yellow light constantly lights. after process 4

Is the version provided in that tinepxe file test.bin an english version?
if english what version is that?

and you've disabled the firewall on the system hosting the TFTP, right ?

i have disabled it.
now i am trying once more in which blinking yellow light stopped blinking and is in constant yellow light.
is this the way it should be.

i got success in debricking my router.
Can you please rpovide me latest version of mi4a firmware global version.
Thanks in advance
and thanks for guiding

i got it.


what is the latest openwrt firmware which i can install on mi4a directly with openwrt invasion?
is it best to install breed on router or openwrt ?
what is best practice?

please guide.

doesn't matter, install whatever people reported works, then upgrade.

breed is a boot loader, not a router OS.

read the thread linked to, previously.


Breed is not is but it’s easy to load is on router.
Rather than openwrtinvaion way

according to

Please have a look @ point after 4.

1)download TinyPXE.zip and unpack it.

2)connect ethernet cable to the router, set static ip to your local network(192.168.1.x)
2020-05-12 21_28_15-Window

3)turn off your router and hold down the reset button then power on your router when power LED start flashing slowly release it .

4)run pxesrv.exe (it is fully configured), click "Online" ( i have used international version 3.0.24 to flash, file renamed as test.bin)

2020-05-12 21_29_16-Window

after clicking online, within a minute, in router yellow light will stop blinking and will be constant on position,

wait 7-10 minutes when power led turns blue or keeps on blinking blue, power off your router then power on it.

note: if yellow or purple light keeps on blinking, this means wrong firmware is selected.

It is the method from the first answer.


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My apologies for not pointing to that link.

@frollic Thank you very much for pointing me to that link and guiding.

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