[Solved] DDNS to child router

What would be the best way to SSH-access main and child routers (same subnet) from internet? Should I install DDNS on both routers? Or should it just be on them and router and have some port forwarding to forward connection via that certain port to the child router?

I take that back, as apparently the DDNS service will not be able to tell which router is which, as both will have same public IP.


The best way would be to set up a VPN to allow remote access to the LAN, then SSH as if you were connected locally.


open the FW for the first, open and forward another port in the FW to the 2nd.

Tip is not to use the standard ssh port, it'll get hammered by bots trying to break in.


If you have enabled gateway ports, then you can ssh to the outer and use it as jump server to ssh directly to the inner.

Thanks. I ended up using port forwards. I need to forward a port for the main router, so though I could just forward another to the child router.

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