[SOLVED] DDNS Provider nerdcamp.net

Hi there,
I am totaly new to openwrt and just setting up my router. So far everything went smooth, however, when it comes to my ddns provider, i can't really get it work the way I want.
Provider in Question is http://nerdcamp.net/ , in the past i used it with my old router software fli4l, which suported that ootb. I don't really understand that stuff they are doing, i can tell they are doing GnuDIP over http afaiu. If I am not mistaken, this way my logindata actually gets hashed. Unfortunatelly I can't redo what they (fli4l) did.
So right now i am using an alternative update method as described here http://nerdcamp.net/clients.html (german only, sorry) in section Fritz DSL Box.
This way I can update my IP, however I am concerned, since this way, clearly my logindata goes plaintext to the provider. I am not so sure if i want that.
So, can nerdcamp be integrated into openwrt? Or someone cna help me out with a custom script?

You may want to use a https url. But to avoid certificate problems you apparently should try https://www.nerdcamp.net instead of https://update.nerdcamp.net

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That was the only thing I didn't try, because i thought the correct subdomain would be neccesery. As you correctly assumed, https://update.nerdcamp.net gave cert errors. Now it works like a charm. Thanks

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