SOLVED - DDNS on OpenWrt behind router of ISP

15/12/2018 21:27 edited:
I solved this myself by stopping (and applying) and starting the DDNS entry

  • openwrt (18.06) on Netgear WNDR3800 connected via WAN interface to router of my ISP
  • I have account at
  • configured DDNS with
  • script works (check log file)
  • but it compares my public IP with the IP of the WAN port (which has a private IP adress, because it is connected to the router of my ISP)
  • in "advanced settings" I set "IP address source" to URL "", but I still get following error:
    Registered IP '' detected
    210901 info : Starting main loop at 2018-12-15 21:09
    210902 : Detect local IP on 'network'
    210903 : Local IP '' detected on network 'wan'
    210904 : Update needed - L: '' <> R: ''
    210905 ERROR : No or private or invalid IP '' given! Please check your configuration
    210906 ERROR : No update send to DDNS Provider

How can I correct this?


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