[Solved] D-LINK DIR-842 C3 installation

I'm trying to install OpenWrt on this model.
The wiki page is pretty useless because it's filled with generic informations and nothing specific.

But the device is marked as supported on snapshot, so ?

I've tried to upload firmware via the web interface => fail
I've tried to see if the router send a TFTP request when booting => fail
I've tried to send a file via TFTP when router is booting => fail

So, what's next ? Why people that confirm the router is supported could not fill the router web page with usefull informations ?


They did, you missed it.


You'll see:


Wrong page, you linked the techdata page, not the device wiki: https://openwrt.org/toh/d-link/d-link_dir-842

Hope this helps.

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Sorry, I gave the wrong link, I have bookmarked the two pages :

About flashing, the git.openwrt.org say :

  1. Upgrade the factory.bin through the factory web interface or
    the u-boot failsafe interface.
    The firmware will boot up correctly for the first time.

But, as I said before, using the web interface to send the openwrt file is not working, firmware is refused. I've tried to rename it to 'factory.bin' but it's look like the problem is a checksum problem.

About the U-Boot failsafe, it's not working as expected, the router just flashin his power led and do nothing. Or maybe I dont have the right procedure to enter it (power down, press reset, power up, when led flash slowly, release reset).

Can you attempt to downgrade the OEM firmware and retry?

OEM Firmware ? Do you mean the original firmware ? It's a DIR-842 C3 EU, the only other firmware available on D-Link site is 3.10b02_EU (latest is 3.12). The router dont accept firmware from other models (from C1 ie).
Under 3.10, the error is the same when I try to flash with OpenWrt => Firmware Upgrade failed!

Then, I suggest that you contact the persons who authored and/or committed the Git change.

Ok, I've contacted the author of the patches, he send me a way to reach the U-Boot safemode. Now, I'm flashing, I will update the router page if everything is working.

EDIT : power off router, press reset, power on until power led blink once per second. You are in safemode but BE CAREFULL : router is blocking the ping request, so you can"t test it with that. Just configure you IP as and go to


Thx for the hints @Singman33!

I managed to get the power led blinking once per second. However, there was no WIFI after that (no ssid broadcast at least). Using a network cable, I've managed to connect to the router on a 10.0.0.x IP address but the web interface then looked different and I just couldn't figure out what the login/password were (tried all combinations I could find on internet and what I did set the router with originally). The web interface was an airOS greyish UI one, something like that: https://setuprouter.com/router/airrouter/airos/login-3325.jpg

Could you please share how to get to the WIFI when in safe mode (I need to at least see the WIFI to be able connect right, static IP or not?) and/or connect to the airOS web UI?

[Solved] Which files do i need to get this working, checksum from http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/ath79/generic/openwrt-ath79-generic-dlink_dir-842-c3-squashfs-factory.bin is not matcing http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/ath79/generic/


[Solved] - I managed to boot in U-boot mode and install latest factory + sysupgrade. After reboot i made ssh to (without wan connected) Then i changed ipadress in /etc/config/network to and in /etc/resolv.conf inserted nameserver After reboot and connect again i changed ip on my pc to and ssh to Dlink again on After login again i did oprg update and oprg install luci and webinterface worked.

oprg => opkg

Hi, can you please tell me what is the command line for
changing ipadress in /etc/config/network to
and the commando to
/etc/resolv.conf inserted nameserver

I am new in this and have my router stuck.. thank you

After login to router with ssh you can use the vi editor to change

vi /etc/config/network
vi /etc/resolv.conf


Thank you, I have done that. now when I do opkg update, its not downloading packages, it says check network settings and connectivity. I imagine its supposed to get that from the internet, I have the modem connected to the WAN port but I dont see any light on the router for that port, can you please advise.

Can you post result of ifconfig command


problem fixed, It was an issue with the network cable, I had to redownload also the factory and sysupgrade to the latest version since the ones listed on the Router page were not the latest. thanks Peter for your support!

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