[solved] Cudy wr1300 v1 signed OpenWRT image

Hi to all

does anyone have original/factory signed OpenWRT files from cudytech ?
i tried to find on their site but there is no download page (anymore) for OpenWRT signed images provided by Cudy

so, if someone have
wr1300e V1 signed image i will be grateful for sharing

p.s. or maybe my google-foo is weak :frowning:

used to be https://www.cudytech.com/openwrt_software_download, hopefully it's a temp glitch.

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404 page not found :frowning:

omg, i have 3 pcs of these devices, and need some quick solution :frowning:

hope that somebody have it in private archive

email them, I think they're pretty fast with their communication.

done ... waiting ... fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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if anyone need signed files, they are at


so, it is cudy and not cudytech :frowning:

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they moved it I guess, the old link was in my browser history, and I accessed it a day ago, or two.

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