[Solved] Collectd-mod-sqm not showing Graph in LuCI (19.07)

When I install the above mentioned module, though it does show successful installation, it is not apparent in the GUI. Please see proof of installation:
However, when I try to check the statistics set-up, the SQM table is not available. I have installed already other metrics in processor load, interfaces, wireless, and so on and already configured it via ssh. Perhaps it was a mistake to not include the SQM table in with the other modules when I was doing so via ssh?

I appreciate the help in advance!

Model: Newifi 3 D2
OpenWRT Version: 19.07.7

To clarify, am I supposed to copy the commands from this post? If that's the case, I did with the exec_input changed from pppoe-wan to wan.

And yet no changes have been observed. I guess I got to wait a bit?

The data collection part with collectd works, but the support for SQM graphs has not been backported to the old 19.07 branch. Graphs are only in 21.02 and master.

Try OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc2

Thank you for this clarification. I will be trying out OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc2 then given this.

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