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I have a Linksys EA7500 v2 router. It has a dual boot system, so I have OpenWRT in one side, and stock firmware in the other side.

With stock firmware, will be redirected to

With OpenWRT installed, I would be redirected to instead (even when using the stock firmware on the other partition).

I need to return the router to my ISP in the future.
How do I change the default landing page to the original one?

Reference in OpenWRT wiki:

you sure it's just not the browser history playing you a trick ?

No, I typed and was sent to the luci page.

This happens even when I replaced OpenWRT with stock firmware (such that both partitions are stock firmware).

Though I can browse to (the default landing page) by typing the whole url.

did the luci page respond ?

and do you know for a fact it isn't there, even in the stock fw ?

tried the same URL in a private browser window ?


@frollic is correct: Browsers are surprisingly stubborn when it comes to caching page redirections. Simply empty your browser cache.


Thanks to both of you!
It is indeed a cache problem.

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I also have/manage two Linksys routers and have the exact same issue : indeed it's just a matter of browser cache. There is a tip to avoid this, by browsing the local name while in Linksys firmware. By doing so, you will no longer have cache browser interference.

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