[Solved] CF-WU782AC (MT7612UN) with Raspberry Pi 4

I'm having problems finding the device on Raspberry 4 / OpenWrt 5.4.154 - to be exact ifconfig -a doesn't show the new interface.
It's running on MediaTek MT7612UN chipset which should be supported by OpenWrt

Installed kernel modules:


According to the documentation, it should be usbmode switched to network card mode. lsusb output says
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0e8d:7612 MediaTek Inc. 802.11ac WLAN
This pair "0e8d:7612" which isn't found in /etc/usb-mode.json so I've added these lines and now usbmode -l at least recognizes the device

                "0e8d:7612": {
                        "*": {
                                "t_vendor": 3725,
                                "t_product": [ 30226 ],
                                "mode": "StandardEject",
                                "msg": [  ]

but fails to switch:

usbmode -s -v
Failed to send switch message

I suspect that usb-mode.json needs some extra flags. Any idea which ones? In the past someone managed to switch the mode but that was in old usb_modeswicth utility

Device in question:

Looks like it was missing kmod-mt76x2u
After install and reboot it's recognized

Also no need to modify /etc/usb-mode.json - if you see "0e8d:7612" in the output of lsusb then device is already in WiFi mode

Sometimes usbmode -s exits without any errors, but you still see old device ID "0e8d:2870" - in that case simply unplug the device and plug it again - a correct ID should now be displayed

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