[Solved] Can't Post Too Many URLs (when there is only one)

I've tried to post the following message to the forums, however I'm told that new users can't use too many URLs. I believe the paths are being mistaken for URLs but there isn't much I can do to remove them. Can the forum configuration be tweaked to allow them or the issue brought to the attention of your service provider?

Here's the post that I can't post in raw markdown:


Hi John,

Welcome to the LEDE forum. I just bumped your status from "new user" to "basic user" - this should allow you to post URLs.

Basically, "new user" status has a cooling off period to discourage spammers. Most new users automatically gain basic status by reading several topics over the period of a few days. But since you've shown yourself to be a real person (thanks for the gist!), we can also change your status administratively. Read more at: How long does new user status last?

Best regards,

Thanks very much Rich, I'll go post in the appropriate forum now, I've done plenty of forum reading but I've never needed to post before so I wasn't reged when I did it.

Thanks very much for the prompt assistance, don't suppose you know anything about QMI? :wink:

Please modify your github link content to remove your WAN IP (both IPv4 and IPv6), and ensure it's edited in the new thread (please also post a link to the new thread)

Don't worry about the IP address, it's in a NATed carrier space ( https://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-100-64-0-0-1/pft?s= , thanks for your concern though, appreciated.

I've created a thread with my actual post here: