[Solved] Cant get OpenWrt to Work with MC7455

Hello All,

Currently im trying to get an APU2C4 to run with OpenWRT.

So now i have a few problems.

  1. How can i install packages to get the Sierra Wireless work without an internet connection?
    My only possibility for now to get a connection to use opkg is a Mobile Hotspot from a phone.
    I tried sharing the connection from the Wifi Adapter of my PC to my Ethernet Port where the APU2 is connected.
    No chance here.

  2. Why is my AR5B22 Wifi Card which also Pfsense supports out of the box not available to connect in example to my mobile hotspot and get internet connection from there so i can install all needed packages?

My MC7455 is connected through mPCIE.
My Wifi Card also.

I read somewhere to set up a Webserver on the LAN an say opkg to install the packages from there.

i tried but got stopped because i cant find these kmod-******* packages anywhere as a ipx to download them?

Depending on if you're running a "release" or a "snapshot" image, the packages are by general architecture and the kernel-specific bits are by target. For example, for 19.07-RC1



They can be downloaded to "any" machine, then SCP can be used to copy them to the target device. Many use /tmp/ for that purpose.

Any device with more than one Ethernet port should default to having one Ethernet port on the wan network as a DHCP client. If you connect that port to your PC with connection sharing turned on, the router will have Internet.

But, then you no longer have a PC on the LAN side to control the router with. There are a few ways to do that:

  • Use a second PC.
  • Use local keyboard and screen. Requires the kmod-usbb-hid driver installed offline as @jeff described, a USB keyboard, and a HDMI display.
  • Use serial, if the hardware supports it
  • Open the firewall on the router (TCP ports 22 and 80) so you can log in from the WAN side. You also need to use ipconfig and arp on the PC to determine the router's IP address that the PC assigned.

x86 builds ship with very few drivers included (a few Ethernet and no wifi), the concept is to install just what your hardware requires and not bloat it. I think the 5B22 card is an ath9k device, using kmod-ath9k.

Hy again

So i managed with scp to install packages.

I installed all necessary dependencies and packages for my Wifi card and the MC7455.

But i dont see a Wireless Menu on the Web GUI to enable wireless AP.

I have initially installed the File called


Also i dont know how to find out which /dev/tty******** device i have to choose when adding an interface for the LTE Modem?

i also add the Dmesg output and lspci.


if i type in iw list the command executes but theres no output it simply makes a "new line".

Your links don't work.

You need kmod-ath, kmod-ath-common, kmod-ath9k, kmod-cfg80211, kmod-mac80211, wireless-regdb, and wpad to bring up wifi.

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Hy thanks for the answer!

I refreshed the links maybe you can find something in the logs.

all of the packages you listed are installed but the Wireless option doesn`t show in Luci

Here are also a list of all of my installed packages found out with:

opkg list-installed

Installed Packages

on the provided list above i forgot to install


installed it but still no change

Hello, I have a similar issue , any idea ? Thanks

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