[SOLVED] Can't access from

Hi all,
my network is organized in this way:

Main router (ISP router) IP: -> In this router I have a Fire TV, some other devices and the Linksys router with openwrt

Linksys router (openwrt router) IP: -> in this router I have a computer with a smb share, a couple of devices and an xbox.

I can reach the network from the one, but not the opposite: I can't even ping when I'm connected from

Internet is working tho.

Can somebody please help me to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot!

Firewall stopping traffic.

If you don't need the separate subnets set up the linksys as dumb AP.

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As a try, I disabled firewall from system->startup->firewall but still no luck :frowning:

PS: I know I shouldn't disable the firewall (that was just a try).

Well, then you'll need route rules.

You can disable the fw in the linksys, it's handled by the 1st device anyway.

Uhmmm, can you be more specific please? Thank you very much

EDIT: oh, I've understood. FW is currently disabled anyway.

If there wasn't a FW in the 1st router, all the devices connected to it would be exposed to internet.

Yeah, sorry I misunderstood your reply :wink:
Anyway fw is currently disabled on my linksys router, but still I can't ping from 192.168.1.X.
Is there any other check that I can do?

And if you're not using the fw, set it up as a dumb AP.

Okay, I've to learn router rules then. Thanks, I'll try my best to sort this out.

EDIT: but no, I'm not going to se it up as dumb AP, I need that subnet sorry

Easier to reconfigure the linksys, you're not losing any functionality if you do, except the fw, which you don't use anyway.

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To everyone that will came here (maybe from a google search) with this problem: the correct solution is to set static routes from the main router (
It is clearly explained here:

Please note that this has nothing to do with openwrt itself, as I said this should be done to the main router.

Otherwise, as pointed by @frollic you should setup a dumb ap

I've learned a lot today


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