[Solved] Cannot update packages on tl-wr1043nd

Hi, I just recently installed lede, and internet is working and everything is fine,
but somehow I cannot seem to be able to update get list of packages so i can install openvpn.
tried all possible solutions here, it is my last resort now before flashing ww-drt

what could be the problem guys ?

oh and I tried to check the url for the packages, it says time out for me even on browser, but when I long in to my desktop VPN the link works
so I guess it is a ISP problem...

anyway i can install openvpn offline then? i tried but couldn't

How are you trying to update packages? LuCI? SSH?

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tried both :confused:

To install a package or packages, use the following commands...

opkg update
opkg install packagename1, packagename2

To get a list of upgradeable packages...

opkg list-upgradable

To upgrade a package or group of packages...

opkg upgrade packagename1 packagename2

See the LEDE User Guide section Opkg Package Manager


If you have some kind of VPN running when you attempt to install, try turning that off first.

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The thing is that I cannot even do that, it timesout, and says check your network, something along those lines

Is this happening using a wired or wireless connection?

Are you trying to get a package using a URL in the opkg command?

Post the exact error messages you are receiving.

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yes, I tried from command and also by updating the packages through the web interface
i get wget returned 4

when I tried to feed internet through my iphone hotspot to the router, it succeeded updating packages from the UI. but the problem is that after I installed Openvpn on it, due to my ISP, i need scramble with openvpn so I can connect to it... and couldn't find any packages i can install to provide me that...
do you happen to know how I can get a package like that ?

excuse my noobness, I am new to openwrt/lede but I am extremely interested to use it instead of dd-wrt

SSH in to the router and run the following commands...

cat /etc/config/network

cat /etc/config/wireless

Note: Make sure to obscure the "option key" value(s) in the wireless config results before posting.

Did you install the LEDE firmware using a custom build, or did you use the firmware from the Table of Hardware?

If you went from TP-Link stock firmware to LEDE, did you use the squashfs-factory.bin file for the WR1043ND?

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I reflashed it now with dd-wrt to get internet for the time being.
No i didn't use a custom build, I used the one from the table of hardware for my router.
and yes I did flash the factory.bin first, then the systemupgrade one next.

You only need to flash once when going from factory to LEDE.

Same thing with DD-WRT.

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the thing is that what I discovered, is that I need vpn connected in the router so I can stop getting the no network error when updating or installing packages..
I am willing to use my iphone hotspot again to be able to install an openvpn package but I need scramble option for the vpn, and the openssl one didn't have that feature.
you know if such a package exist ?

I need scramble obfuscate, so i can connect to openvpn.

You don't need a VPN to install packages.

Why are you using a hotspot? Is your standard Internet connection not working?

no my internet connection is working. the problem is my ISP i think, it is blocking something.

I would just use the standard ISP connection with no VPN, and try to install a package.

Post the exact text of any error messages you get.

The "blocking" may be a configuration issue, rather than an ISP issue.

To eliminate that possibility, you might take some time to review the LEDE User Guide...very helpful resource.


Since you have already flashed DD-WRT, you have an opportunity to flash LEDE again and configure from scratch.

You will need to revert back to TP-Link stock firmware first. DD-WRT has a list of "web revert" files for various routers. Check that yours is included.

I appreciate what are you saying. but still you didn't answer my question. is there a scramble package for openvpn?
I will have to use openvpn anyway on my router, because my ISP block here a lot of stufff (egypt)
so one of the primary things I am using a thirdparty firmwares on my router to have OpenVPN connected on it and feeding my devices.

I am aware how it works, what i am saying is, that there was a patch made by someone to allow openvpn protocol to use the scramble option. it was used in the early versions on dd-wrt, but got stripped out in later versions.. and sicne openwrt is open, I thought there was a package to allow that patch to be installed on the firmware, so i can use that option.
see here for example:
see this:

You might PM @stangri

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