[SOLVED] Cannot open CLI terminal on a working SSH connection

Hi, I upgraded to 21.02 (kept confs).

I noticed afterwards that I cannot use dropbear / ssh connection to open a terminal console in any SSH client, BUT the connection itself is still working :frowning:

I use Bitvise SSH client to create the tunnel for my Luci (webadmin) access.

Wed Sep 22 22:45:40 2021  authpriv.info dropbear[5025]: Child connection from
Wed Sep 22 22:45:40 2021  authpriv.notice dropbear[5025]: Pubkey auth succeeded for 'root' with key sha1!! .... from
Wed Sep 22 22:45:40 2021  authpriv.info dropbear[5025]: Exit (root) from <>: Exited normally

This is all there is from the system log when I try to open terminal. Can someone help me debug / explain to me what may be causing this?

Maybe use the verbose/debug option from your client...

Or maybe this is your case?

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Indeed! I completely forgot I had Bash package installed before upgrade.

Many thanks for pointing me to the right place.

(Maybe there should be some warning for people who changed from default shell)

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