[SOLVED] Can I resize a live UBI?

Hey all.

I have a Meraki MX60W and I need to expand the recovery partition from 7 MiB to 8 MiB (due to the size of the new BIN file).

I need to know if the OpenWRT OS is completely in memory so that I can wipe:

  • recovery
  • kernel
  • rootfs
  • and rootfs-data

on a running System, or should I just wipe kernel, rootfs and rootfs-data partitions and reboot into recovery?

I know that I may have to use SSH sysupgrade, because the LuCI config may be missing, but is there any other known issues with re-partitioning from a running OpenWRT instance?

A: You can, but after you delete the first partition (kernel) the software no longer recognizes the other partitions by name. You then use the lowercase -n argument (to note partition numbers instead of names when using the uppercase -N) and delete by partition number.

Since kernel was deleted:

  • I rebooted into recovery
  • At that point, I removed all partitions except board-config
  • I then recreated the recovery partition and installed the BIN file
  • I then rebooted into the new recovery and did a wget to get the sysupgrade TAR file
  • I then flashed the Sysupgrade
  • After rebooting, I restored my config files

EDIT: I made recovery 10MiB just to ensure any perceivable growth future BIN files.

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