[SOLVED] Can I?/How? to switch my Linksys EA8500 from swconfig to DSA

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I just flashed the latest stable OpenWRT (23.05.3) on a Linksys EA8500 and this caught me by surprise, I was not aware that there were any current stable builds of OpenWRT that even had "swconfig" instead of "DSA". I was able to get it setup to my needs however if possible I would like to get it running the DSA system instead to bring it inline with all my other OpenWRT devices. Is this possible? Are there reasons I should not do this? Also hoping anyone can shed some light on why some devices like the EA8500 still use swconfig instead of the DSA. Thanks in advance.

you could try SNAPSHOT (r26128-9e86e0b33b):


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Thank you for your reply. Do you know why swconfig was still being used on the latest stable? Was there a driver or hardware issue that required swconfig be kept in place?

porting from swconfig to DSA is a gradual process...


as you can see as developers implement features subsequent versions are released...

DSA Networking --> starting in OpenWrt 21.02


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hoping they can answer your question:

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thank you for all these, I will dive into them now.

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Not at all ...

the main difference between DSA and swconfig is the simplicity with which vlans can be defined so it's up to you to choose whether to switch to SNAPSHOT or wait patiently for the release of the new version...

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I read through all the links and that paints a much clearer picture of whats going on. To summarize for those reading this thread later, DSA is having teething issues on some platforms, the platform that the EA8500 is running on is one of those.

Not really, snapshots are successfully using DSA on ipq806x for quite a while already.

You are right, latest snapshot is no longer using swconfig, I should have instead wrote DSA was having teething problems. Unless that is also incorrect, in which case I'm hoping you can help me understand why swconfig was still being used as recently as 23.05.3 for the EA8500?

Also I want to thank you for all your work on the OpenWRT forums, many of your past post have helped with both understanding and troubleshooting.

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You need to decouple DSA and DSA on ipq806x for this discussion (and I'll keep it rather brief).

DSA in general didn't support multiple CPU ports for a long time, but many of the devices relevant for OpenWrt (including ipq806x, mvebu and more) profit from having two (one dedicated for WAN, another for LAN+). This still isn't quite sorted mainline, but we have a solution for OpenWrt.

The qca8k drivers on ipq806x didn't quite deliver the same performance as their swconfig predecessors until ~recently, this has been fixed before OpenWrt migrated ipq806x to qca8k/ DSA.

DSA itself has been working on ipq806x just fine for a quite long time already (~2 years before OpenWrt made the switch), just not quite delivering the same performance levels.

As mentioned, both things have been fixed.

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Lot of info in that post, thank you, it does help my understanding.

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