[Solved] Building the router jvm


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I am building on a docker debian:stable (stretch), where the Java JDK default is v8.
Do you think it is because of that the router jvm never built?
I have to use the Java JDK 7?


Java is not used in the build of OpenWrt/LEDE.
There may be some other tool that interferes with Java or something.

Can you post a build log/failure ?

Hello @commodo!

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Thanks for a lot, actually, I found, it was called jamvm, instead of jvm.

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So you know how I can solve a question?
There is no button to solve...

Can you post a build log ? :slight_smile:
I can't tell what is broken without a build log.

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I found it, and it always built. It is called jamvm, i was looking for something with a grep jvm and grep java.