Solved: Building - machine selection needs input


I am trying to build with Jenkins, but I'm getting an error in the Machine Selection step that I usually get after adding a new board. I always used to just run make -j1 V=s and hit Y to get past this, but now I need to do it automatically so Jenkins can build. Does anyone know what to do? Why does it always default to N?

COMFAST CF-E314N v2 support (ATH79_MACH_CF_E314N_V2) [Y/n] y
COMFAST CF-E5/CF-E7 support (ATH79_MACH_CF_E5) [Y/n] y
Test_Board support (ATH79_MACH_TEST_1) [N/y] (NEW) aborted!

Solved - it's Kernel Menuconfig needing input. As stated in the documentation, you can set this via the shell using make kernel_menuconfig CONFIG_TARGET=subtarget

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