[Solved] Build process always generate 'SNAPSHOT' image, but i want is a v17.01.0 image

Hi dear all

I have downloaded config.seed from here

then try to build a lede image with stable version number 17.01.0
inside lede root directory ,I issued these commands for building my image:

$ rm -rf .config
$ rm -rf .config.old
$ cp config.seed .config
$ make defconfig
$ make V=s 2>&1 | tee build.log

build process runs well and after that I can find many image files located at

their file names would like this below

I realized that all of them were 'SNAPSHOT' image, so I am so curious
how could i build images with stable version number 17.01.0?
should I modify some configuration files? or do something else?
I really need v17.01.0 image because when I boot my Asus-n14u device with SNAPSHOT image
the WIFI completely doesn't work , but it can work fine with a 17.01.0 image (that i downloaded from lede official site)
I want to know how build my own v17.01.0 image, please help me
any help would be appreciated, best regards :slight_smile:

Try this

Changing just .config does not help, as you have already noticed.

Like explained in the other linked thread, you need to checkout the 17.01 branch.

But I advice against trying to build the exact release 17.01.0 that is already two months old.
Instead you should build from the 17.01 branch HEAD, so that you get in all the fixes in 17.01 since the 17.01.0 release.

So instead of checking out the tag 17.01.0, checkout the 17.01 branch

git checkout lede-17.01

Btw, 17.01.1 will likely be release in 1-2 weeks.

if you really want the two-month old 17.01.0, you might read:

Dear hnyman

Thank you for your suggestion, before post this article I've tried several times
( I thought if I run build process with a identical .config that will help , but obviously that's not true)
after build process I always get a 'SNAPSHOT' image,
now I will try to checkout lede-17.01 and try to rebuild image again
Thank you for your great help :relaxed:

Dear demontefaccto
Thank you for your great help :relaxed: