[SOLVED] BT homehub 5A OpenWrt 19 - lost web interface

I use a BT Homeub woth OpenWRT as my main router supplied by my employers. I have admin access to it, and it's working well. I am familiar with the interface, but would not consider myself an expert.

So I decided to get another one (pre-installed from eBay) to replace a WiFi access point in the house. I got it all set up, switched off DHCP, the WAN interface, but the LAN I set to DHCP client. It was all working fine and my WiFi speed much improved.

Today I decided to put it on a fixed IP so that it was with my other WiFi access points on my network. So I was setting it up on one IP address, but each time I tried to apply the changes it just rolled back. I eventually told it to apply anyway and it disappeared from the DHCP address (192.168.x.177) but didn't appear on the new IP address (192.168.x.6). I ran port scanner on my MacBook that is connected to the router (and the internet) via the SSID - and nothing appeared on 192.168.x.6 My Samsung Android phone is also connected to it via the WiFi so I ran the Android Angry port scanner from there, and it does find Sagemcom device on 192.168.x.6.

However, I cannot get any control interface on that IP address. I also tried SSH but it's not responding to that either. I connected my MacBook by cable, but that has made no difference either.

As an access point it is working fine. It's (sort of) on the correct IP address, but I cannot get into it to change anything. It feels like it's put up a firewall blocking everything, but letting traffic through.

Has anyone seen this before and has anyone been able to fix it?

Note sure why you would set LAN to DHCP client.

Switch on hub for a minute, then do a factory reset by holding Reset button down for 10 seconds until front lights change, to recover the HH5A to openwrt defaults.

See section 8.1 of installation guide for HH5A

Then change the LAN IP from to whatever you desire on same subnet as your main router. Check new IP works for you. Then finally turn off DHCP server and wire to your main router. (See section 9.6 for WAP setup)

Ah, great thanks. I set to DHCP as I was getting issues getting the wifi to interface with the LAN, I then fixed that (wasn't the IP address) and then as it was working (and I was being nagged to get the internet back!) I left it for another day.
I was wondering if the hardware reset button would reset OpenWrt and didn't want to try that in case it did something else. So, job for tomorrow, reset and start again!

Many thanks!

A note for when you get to change the IP after resetting: if you get to change LAN IP from the default to another subnet (which you will likely need), you will get a dialoge box saying that the router is inaccessible on the new IP, and give you the options to apply the changes unchecked or roll back. This is deliberately designed to ensure that the new IP is accessible by the device after the user applies the change.

If you are confident that the new IP is correct, you have a few options around that. Please refer to page https://openwrt.org/faq/change_lan_ip

I think this may be why I went for DHCP first - but it was going from DHCP to fixed IP on same subnet that broke things... it IS on the new IP, but won't ping or show an interface I'm still not entirely sure why, but I'll try the work arounds in the link sent...

Reset, did the IP address change before anything else, got it right, went for the 'do it anyway' option and it worked this time. Set everything else up and it's now working exactly as I want it.

Many thanks to everyone for the help!

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