[SOLVED] Bind WAN to LAN interface to get internet on secondary router

Hi there!
I kindly ask your support to consolidate the configuration of my home intranet. The actual infrastructure is this:

grd floor ----> [linksys WRT54GLv1.1 w Backfire 10.03.1] : (aka: router 2)
||--> [ LAN ] --> Static IP: / Gateway: / no DHCP server
||--> [ WAN ] --> DHCP --> unplugged port
1st floor ----> [sttecom wiress modem router X5 N600] : (aka: router 1)
||--> [ LAN ] --> DHCP server (from to
||--> [ WAN ] --> ADSL2+ --> static IP from ISP

Everything works fine so that "router 1" gives IPs and provided access to the internet to any device connected (wireless or wired) to the LAN interface on both the routers.

The problem is that i'm not able to gain internet access from the "router 2" itself (localhost). More clearly, if i open a SSH shell to and try to wget for "http://www.google.com" the answer is "wget: bad address 'www.google.com'". I try to justificate this behavior (pls correct me if i'm wrong) supposing that as the Google URL is not recognized as LAN address, the router try to forward the request through the WAN interface that is unplugged and cannot provide the internet access.

This is a bad thing because i'm not able to update/install any package on "router 2", and i need to configure an openVPN server on it...

So the question is:

  • how I can the WAN interface on "router 2" to be bridged/redirected/forwarded to the LAN interface (on "router 2") and hence sent through the internet by "router 1"?

Actually i tried to:

  • bridge (via LuCi IF) the WAN IF with the LAN one but no success. It broke the "router 2" making it no more accessible by intranet (--> hard reset and restore config...)
  • set up a firewall rule (via LuCi IF) to redirect all the wan traffic (wan:*) to, but no success again

I'm sorry if someone already asked for something similar, i've googled a lot on this but with no luck for my specific scenario.

If need i can provide any configuration file.

Thanks and regards

Have you configured the Gateway and DNS Server IP ( into the LAN interface of Router 2?

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Thank you man!

It works like a charm! You saved my days :slight_smile:

This is the final configuration of LAN interface on "Router 2".

config 'interface' 'lan'
option 'type' 'bridge'
option 'ifname' 'eth0.0'
option 'proto' 'static'
option 'netmask' ''
option 'ipaddr' ''
option 'gateway' ''
option 'dns' ''

Thank you again!

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No problem, glad I could help.

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Bye Sergio

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